From the recording Olana

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Brendan Gallagher : vocal, guitars,
organ. Michael Galeazzi : double bass, Stuart Eadie : drums, click sticks.
Bruce Reid : lap steel. Cye : violin.
Kath Wemyss : b/vox.
Phil Grove : sample.


Tonight I’m looking down,
Looking down on cleavage town
I see the headlights movin’
Feel my halo slippn’
Her wishbone legs . . .
Yeah I’m feeling lucky
But that’s all I get to feel

She said :
“You didn’t have the stones
To put some love in these bones”
Well the true love satellite
Passed far away on
Our wedding night

And my heart is broken
Before her name is spoken
But I ask her anyway
And she says that she’ll call
But that’s talk that’s all
And she’ll never call me

The night is closing down
Closing down on cleavage town
I see the curtains drawin’
Watch my sorrows drownin’
And my countenance falls
Like her dress to the floor
For someone that she calls . . .