1. Away Away

From the recording Olana

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Brendan Gallagher : vocal, guitar, percussion
Michael Galeazzi : double bass, b/vox
Stuart Eadie : drums
Bruce Reid : lap steel, b/vox
Kath Wemyss : trumpet
Joe Accaria : conga


I want to go back
To where I got my skin
Can I have back the dreams
I left my poor, poor country in
Is the rain that soft
The hills so green
Young hands waving
From the dock saying
So long, long we’re going far, far

Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
From here, from here

Is this the only
Place in the world to live
Well given half the chance
What half the world wouldn’t give
We’ve got some reason to crow
Some reasons to cry

So, you tell me ‘cause
I don’t know why it
Takes so long and we’re so
Far, far

Away, away